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  • 17th Annual Dubrow Vocational Celebration Breakfast

    This event was sponsored by the Dubrow and Gelman families in loving memory of Ellen and Ron Dubrow.

    Tom Castro ▪ TJ Maxx Marlton
    Ryan Cullen ▪ Camden County Department of Health & Human Services
    Billy Gruss ▪ Tomahawk Steak House
    Idoh Liba ▪ Cooper University Health Care
    Gabe Mastrobuo...

  • Holocaust Survivor Day 2023

    Program in honor of Holocaust Survivor Day hosted by Jewish Family & Children's Service on June 1, 2023.

  • Ellen's Story

    We asked Ellen how JFCS and her counselor, Rebecca, have impacted her life. This is what she said.

  • 2022 Vocational Breakfast Video

    16th Annual Dubrow Vocational Celebration Breakfast video celebrating the empowerment, independence, and potential of the clients in the JFCS Supported Employment Program.

    Nickolas Poretti - Goodwill Industries
    Jenny Errichetti - Murphy’s Fresh Markets
    Lanei Ware - Pizza Hut
    Daniel Epps...

  • Stepping Outside with JFCS 2022

    This annual event raises critical funds for our agency’s life-affirming programs and services, which bring help and hope to more than 13,000 vulnerable community members each year.

  • The Link Between Human and Animal Abuse with Phil Arkow

    Hilary and guest Phil Arkow, Coordinator of the National Link Coalition, discuss the link between human and animal abuse. To learn more about the National Link Coalition, visit

  • Defense Against Violence with Nick Luciano

    Hilary and guest Nick Luciano, founder and CEO of Safe Way Out, discuss how his organization supports domestic violence victims and offer advice for how you can protect yourself against violence and intimidation.

  • What The Torah Says About Domestic Violence with Rabbi Ephraim Epstein

    Hilary and guest Rabbi Ephraim Epstein, Community Scholar in Residence of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, discuss domestic violence from a Jewish perspective.

  • "Maid" to Survive: Cleaning up the Myths about Domestic Violence

    The Netflix original series "Maid" explores a young mother’s struggle to provide for her child after fleeing an abusive relationship. Released in October 2021, the ten-part series has been widely viewed and discussed. Join JFCS for a panel discussion about "Maid," including the harsh financial an...

  • Depression Versus Dementia

    How are depression and dementia distinguishable? Rebecca outlines signs that signal each condition for those concerned by changes in their loved ones' behavior.

  • Support Groups

    While individual counseling has many benefits, Rebecca discusses the positive impact that support groups can have on individuals struggling to feel understood and supported.

  • Bent on Binging: Maid

    Hilary Platt, of Project S.A.R.A.H. (Stop Abusive Relationships at Home), JFCS, joins to talk about the new Netflix series, Maid.

  • Carlos Confidence Meditation

  • Guided Meditation

    Follow Carlos through a guided meditation to ease your mind and get a fresh outlook on the day.

  • Speaking With Our Children About Mental Health and Well-Being

    It can be hard to communicate with our children about their mental health. Carlos guides parents through having these conversations and shares an art project for parents to try with their children to help with calming down during tense or frustrating moments.

  • Stress and Anxiety

    What are stress and anxiety biologically? How can we manage our reactions to these normal bodily reactions? Carlos offers an explanation of stress and anxiety as well as a grounding exercise to help manage your body's response to stressful situations.

  • Mental Health 101

    We've all heard of mental health, but what exactly is it? And how do we work on improving it? In this episode, Carlos explains some commonly-used mental health terms and coaches viewers through a breathing exercise to slow down the mind.

  • Getting Ready for Back to School: Tips for Parents & Caregivers

    Lisa Rosenberg, JFCS Staff Therapist, offers advice for parents and caregivers seeking to help ease their child's transition back to school.

  • 15th Annual Dubrow Vocational Celebration Breakfast

    JFCS invites you to view our 15th Annual Dubrow Vocational Celebration Breakfast celebrating the empowerment, independence, and potential of the clients in our Special Needs Supported Employment Program. November 20, 2020 @ 8:30 am - 9:30 am

  • Stepping In With JFCS