Loving Your Mind with JFCS

Loving Your Mind with JFCS

2 Seasons

Join our expert JFCS therapists as they share insight on wellness and tips for how you can promote your personal well-being and mental health. Each month, you will have access to a different JFCS professional who will provide new wisdom and exercises to guide your wellness journey.

Loving Your Mind with JFCS
  • Guided Meditation

    Episode 4

    Follow Carlos through a guided meditation to ease your mind and get a fresh outlook on the day.

  • Speaking With Our Children About Mental Health and Well-Being

    Episode 3

    It can be hard to communicate with our children about their mental health. Carlos guides parents through having these conversations and shares an art project for parents to try with their children to help with calming down during tense or frustrating moments.

  • Stress and Anxiety

    Episode 2

    What are stress and anxiety biologically? How can we manage our reactions to these normal bodily reactions? Carlos offers an explanation of stress and anxiety as well as a grounding exercise to help manage your body's response to stressful situations.

  • Mental Health 101

    Episode 1

    We've all heard of mental health, but what exactly is it? And how do we work on improving it? In this episode, Carlos explains some commonly-used mental health terms and coaches viewers through a breathing exercise to slow down the mind.