Speakers and Thought Leaders

  • Women of Impact 2022 - Ukraine: Stories from the Border

    This evening was dedicated to highlighting programs and services here in our community as well as globally. Through JFund, we empower Israel's future, revitalize Jewish life, develop tomorrow's leaders, and aid victims of global emergencies by supporting our overseas partners, JAFI (The Jewish Ag...

  • 53rd Annual Middle East Institute: Keynote Speaker David Friedman

    JCRC’s Middle East Institute was held on Sunday, February 13 at Congregation Beth El. Keynote Speaker, David Friedman, former United States Ambassador to Israel, shared the story behind his hard-won, once-in-a-generation achievement of the Abraham Accords, which forged a path toward stabilizing o...

  • Seekers of Meaning

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    The Seekers of Meaning podcast features news and interviews on the subject of Jewish sacred aging.
    About the host: Rabbi Richard F. Address, D.Min., is the founder of JewishSacredAging.com and the host of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast.

    A nationally recognized speaker and seminar lea...

  • Bent on Binging

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    Each episode, we discuss a show we are binging on all streaming channels and share what you should binge next on JLink!

  • 9th Annual March of Remembrance Virtual Program

    Tune in to hear keynote speakers Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Rick Eaton at the JCRC Raab/Goodwin Center’s 9th Annual March of Remembrance Virtual Program, hosted on October 3rd, 2021. The March of Remembrance is a community fundraiser to support the Raab/Goodwin Center’s ongoing efforts to combat pr...

  • Teshuva a Return to Wellness

    To purchase your ticket and watch this program visit https://www.kellmanbrownacademy.org/rabbi-furman.
    Join us for an evening of learning presented in honor of the memory of Rabbi Isaac Furman. We will consider how to return to wellness in a post-pandemic digital world as well as the Jewish appro...

  • Educator Professional Development: Back To School

    Brought to you by the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, with our continued commitment to professional development and the growth of our teachers.

    SPEAKER: L. Michelle Codington, MS, LMFT | Executive Director/Co-Founder

    Michelle is a dynamic clinician with 20 years of experience in coun...

  • Does Social Protest Equal Social Change?

    After a tumultuous year of protests and social unrest, how have things changed politically, legally, and with social justice? Join us as we examine how much has really changed in the past year. Presented by JCRC.

    - Congressman Andy Kim, 3rd Congressional District
    - Weldon Powell, NJ ...

  • JCRC: Many Faces of Judaism

    Jewish Community Relations Council joins in a conversation with Jews of Color from different backgrounds to hear about their journeys and challenges within the Jewish community.

  • JFED: ArtSugar

    Alix discusses her combined love of drawing and art history with her dedication to giving back. With featured artist Jessie Rubin.

  • Personal Story of Salem Yalu

    Hear the inspiring story from Salem Yalu, a graduate of The Jewish Agency's Alma Mechina. A program supported by the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey.

  • Community Holocaust Commemoration Yom Hashoah

    Esther Raab Holocaust Museum & Goodwin Education Center
    Jewish Community Relations Council
    Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey

  • Jewish Community Voice Global Round Table

    David Portnoe, ED and Editor of the Voice, sits down with some of our Global Connection funding recipients to learn more.

  • JCRC of Southern NJ 52nd Annual Middle East Institute